About us

“For the past few years, we know that there are too many people who feel insecure about sneakers trading, especially for the high-priced ones, as it is not acceptable for me to pay a stranger to get an unidentified product for that.”

- AREA 02 CEO Cory Chen

On the 5th of May 2021, AREA 02 launched the comprehensive upgraded brand. Not only to retain the uniqueness of the origin platform, but also aimed to make Taiwan as the starting point of the sneakers trend. Launched with the brand new name “AREA 02” to start the expansion of a new era in the overseas market. With the intentions of “Passion for Trends” and “Pursuit for an authentic experience”, promoting “authenticity” and maintaining the “enthusiasm” of a trendy culture in the global market. Aimed to lead our brand to gain a foothold in more areas in the global trendy market.

AREA 02 as a trading platform for trendy goods, gathering goods from different sellers. Our platform will analyze all prices quoted by sellers automatically, then prioritize the lowest priced products to display on the website. In this way, sellers can browse the market through the listing procedure. Meanwhile, buyers can understand the trend of lowest price in the market through the website. The market prices also became more transparent through the pairing system of AREA 02.